Posted by: John McIntyre | January 8, 2021

Hey There…

Well, it’s been a chaotic year and a half since I posted. So I, ah yeah, never mind, I’ll just share something.

I’m sure you have heard about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and facial recognition and I’m sure you have your opinions on it. I discovered a website that provides a picture of a random person.  The interesting thing is these people don’t actually exist. Every time you refresh the page, a new image of a “person” is created.

No One

To do this, AI software has been created that takes elements from pictures of real people. It combines those elements together and generates an image of a person that doesn’t really exist. Reload this page or go to to see another one.

The technical details come from a sub-field in artificial intelligence named GANs (generative adversarial networks). It uses the machine to dream up new data (an image) indistinguishable to the training data.  The “training data” being the elements from real people’s pictures.

I don’t think this is necessarily good or bad, but I do think people need to be aware of the AI capabilities out there. It sure looks like a real person. Feel free to leave replies below.

By the way, the post below “Or Is This Our Next Boat?”, IS our boat now. We enjoyed cruising on “Thea” last summer, a 1972 Grand Banks 32′ sedan. Yes, she is a “woodie”, no fiberglass.


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