Posted by: John McIntyre | June 10, 2017

Rose Festival Fleet Week

Well, it’s Rain, err, Rose Festival time here in Portland and one of my favorite things is watching the ships arrive for Fleet Week. The Star this year is the USS Jackson, a US Navy littoral (near shore) combat ship.

Here is a picture shortly before tying up between the Burnside and Steel Bridges.

In the below photo, you can see the ship is actually a trimaran.


  1. Lots of horsepower to do 47 knots!

    • I looked up the GE LM2500 gas turbine engines. The 4th version is rated at 47,370 shp. So that’s nearly 100,000 hp to move 6.6 million lbs. of ship…

  2. Excellent framing of the ship with no less than 3 bridges!

  3. Susan said you went down to see the ships. These are good pictures. It is fascinating to go on a ship. We have been on some old battleships and submarines in our travels. Wow what our guys went through to protect our freedom. It was special to be on a battleship like my brother-in-law served on.
    Thanks for the pics.


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