Posted by: John McIntyre | January 22, 2017


So, I’m making chili tonight. My recipe calls for corn flour to thicken the batch in the later stages of a slow cook in the crock pot most of the day.

I think back to the first time I bought corn flour in Ephrata, WA. Masa se ca (corn flour) is a Spanish/Mexican thing, usually for making tortillas, but also good for thickening up your chili.

Eat a good and hearty chili now and then my friends.


  1. John,

    For some reason I can’t comment on your blog any more.. it keeps asking me for my wordpress email. Don’t think I ever made one.

    But chili sounds good! I’ll be right over! J

    Hope all is well with you guys!


    • Mark, your comment is showing up.

      Take care, John


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