Posted by: John McIntyre | June 21, 2016

Not Something You Do Everyday..

Vacuum the dust off your Buffalo…

Vacuum Nakota

For the longest time, we could not figure out what kind of “art” we wanted to put above our fireplace in the living room. We knew we wanted something dramatic. We thought about a painting and building some sort of traditional shelf hearth, but the layout / construction / design of our house didn’t really go with a hearth. So, long story short, we found a buffalo mounted head and decided that was dramatic enough.

We named him “Nakota”. Nakota has two meanings.  First, the name of an Indian tribe that broke off from the Sioux nation, moving into central Canada and second, in their own language it means a “friend”. Lily barked and growled at Nakota for quite a while after he was mounted in the living room. One time, I caught her just laying in the living room, looking up and doing the occasional “Grrrr”…

Nakota was “collected” in South Dakota and mounted in 1999 and came to us from an estate collection in Utah.


  1. Love your buffalo!

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  2. pretty darned cool!

  3. Oh… and nice pony tail! 🙂


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