Posted by: John McIntyre | November 10, 2015

Google Maps and Cesta

Every now and then, I check Google Maps to see if they have updated any of the satellite images.  I’ve tried to find an image of our boat for a few years, but somehow we are always gone from the marina, not at any of the docks that we go to, or the images were taken at different times. But yesterday, I found they had updated images and they were from the same time.

First I found the marina, those white spots are the fixed fenders that I have put on the dock so we don’t have to put out our regular fenders.  But, our boat is gone! Where are we?Riverplace

So, I started checking places we go, but didn’t find us.  I was about to give up when I remembered we went to Schwitter Landing, once this year in April.

And, there we are!
SchwitterHere is Cesta and the beautiful sunset we enjoyed that evening.



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