Posted by: John McIntyre | May 9, 2011

New Puppy!

Rio, a female chocolate labrador retriever, was born March 29 in a litter of three.  She comes from  Int CH Merganser’s Abram Tank MH of Merganser Labrador Retrievers and Deck The Halls With Ribbons From Holly MH of Burley’s Dog Ranch.  We expect to bring her home around May 21.

This picture was taken on April 16, about two and a half weeks old.

This picture was taken April 29, about four and a half weeks old.

This picture is this last weekend, about five and a half weeks old.  The pups are very interactive with people now, their eyes are starting to change colors and clear up from the opaque baby blue they are born with.

Too Cute!!


  1. Oh My Word! What a cutie! I am so excited for you to bring home your new pup. We brought ours home about 2 months ago and have loved the adventure. She is about 15 weeks old now and has brought so much to our lives. Rio looks like she will be such a gift. : ) I look forward to reading more about Rio’s adventures.

  2. Awesome! We added to our “zoo” as well a few months back..


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