Posted by: John McIntyre | May 2, 2010

Brother Mike’s New Boat

My brother Mike got the boating bug last summer from a fishing trip with his neighbor.  He then went to the Portland Boat Show with us and he was hooked!  He purchased a 1988 Chris Craft Amerisport 250 (classic boat!) in March.

He and his wife Shelly asked us to go with them with their maiden voyage.  So on a cloudy April Sat. (well it is Portland) we helped them launch their boat.  We did the first docking at the Portland City Docks by Rose Quarter. We christened with champagne and sparkling cider and a good time was had by all….

….until three miles south of the Columbia, something in the stern drive broke……Uh, oh.

We have towing insurance through Boat US but apparently Mike could not be aboard for us to use our free towing… the throwing him overboard thought approached my mind…

Fortunately, Mike had some friends salmon fishing on the river and they were close by when he hailed their help.  We were towed, albeit slowly, to the St. John’s Landing where we were able to get moored away from the launch (don’t mess with the big time, cammo dressed, power onto the trailer (not cool), fishing guys) and wait for Mike to get his trailer and truck back up from Willamette Park to haul us out.

All in all it was a fun day and despite the set  back everyone is looking forward to fun summer outings once the CC is repaired!


  1. Mike and his wife???

    Holy crap… I’m old.


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