Posted by: John McIntyre | November 10, 2009

Ken Block and Subaru

Ken Block and his Subaru Impreza are an utterly amazing combination of driving skill and car capabilities. 


Ken can put a car sideways through openings not much larger than the length of the car and the Subaru Impreza can keep four BIG (275mm!) tires driving forward while sliding backwards.


If you have a breath of motorsports in your soul, sit back and watch him drive at  This link plays a number of his internet famous “Gymkhana’s” that have hits in the millions.

I heard that he is moving up to World Rally Championship for 2010, driving for Ford, but staying “friends” with Subaru, as they have dropped out of WRC sponsorship.

Oh, and for a little extra about an upcoming project…


Check this out!


  1. nice post…u r obsessed

  2. Block is awesome for certain! Oh, to have his talent!!


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