Posted by: John McIntyre | July 4, 2022

We Hope Everyone Has A Safe And Happy Independence Day!!

Posted by: John McIntyre | May 25, 2022

This is why you drive a log truck!

Posted by: John McIntyre | April 22, 2022

Yes, that’s a ratcheting socket.

I recently had to replace a molar with an implant in my jaw.

I heard this clicking noise as the dentist moved his hand back and forth.

I said, “Is that a rachet you are using to screw in my implant post?”

And he said, “Um, Yes, it is…”

Posted by: John McIntyre | February 18, 2022

Big Load

I got some training on setting up my log truck to legally haul more timber.

With this set up, I am legal for 90,000 lbs.

Pretty close!

Posted by: John McIntyre | January 20, 2022

Never Know What You Will See

How about a load of gourds at 4:00 AM?

Posted by: John McIntyre | January 14, 2022

My Speedy Kenworth Log Truck

Just for grins, I decided to check the 0-60 mph time of my Caterpillar powered Kenworth Log Truck.

The C12, 12 liter engine probably has about 350 horsepower with a 13 speed Eaton transmission.

Loaded to 85,000 lbs, two minutes, four seconds to 60 miles per hour.
Unloaded at 24,500 lbs, 41 seconds.

Posted by: John McIntyre | January 8, 2022

Four Log Load

I love big timber. It’s so impressive. The size. The age and life of the tree. Harvested timber doesn’t mean it is dead and wasted, to be forgotten.

It goes onto a new life. The frame of your house. Your picture frames with your memories. The paper you write your important things, from journals to grocery lists.

I look forward to my first three log load, maybe one day I’ll even have a one log load.

This is my first four log load. The biggest Doug Fir in there was 40′ and about five feet at the base. It weighed six tons and was about 6,200 board feet, the typical measure of lumber.

To give you an idea of what that really is, that log will produce over 900 pieces of 2×4’s ten feet long.

Posted by: John McIntyre | December 20, 2021

Mary’s River truck wash

Mary’s River at 21′, over 20′ is flood stage.

Posted by: John McIntyre | December 17, 2021

First Week – New Job!

Driving a log truck for TTT Timber. Getting loaded in the Philomath, Oregon sorting yard.

Posted by: John McIntyre | December 13, 2021

The View Today

Second day of driving log truck (training). North of Longview, WA.

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